100 levels to Cube it


Develop geometric thinking with this 2D puzzle game similar to Rubik's cube


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Intelligence games are now trendy and we have played this really good one called 100 levels to cube it that puts your brain to the test.

In the game we find 81 cases of 9 different colors. They are disordered and your goal is to order them and make an image equal to the one you can see in the lower right side of the interface. In order to do that, you'll have to move columns and files clicking the side part of the cube.

The game is the perfect mix of Sudoku and Rubik's cube. Two great concepts in only one game.

First levels are easy, but they are there just to learn how to play. The real challenge is in levels from 20 to 100. As long as you complete levels you'll find a more difficult challenge, a total disorder you'll have to reorder.

Rack your brains to complete all levels and put yourself to the test. 100 levels to cube it is one of those games that can keep you a big time opposite the computer trying to solve the cube. Remeber how addictive is the Rubik's Cube and you'll make an idea of how addictive is 100 levels to cube it.

Trial version limited to some levels and movements.

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